UK Lockdown: Day 196

October is in full swing and the leaves are changing colour as we enter into Autumn/Fall, my favourite time of the year.

I can’t believe I haven’t written for nine days, but I’ve been quite busy. Mum has moved house, I’ve been working and Luke and I have been shaping a potential new investment.

October will hopefully call down from here on in and we will manage to accomplish everything we are hoping to… if not, at least we will have each other.

Today has been rather splendid. Luke and I had a lovely lie-in and watched television all morning. Then we headed into town for lunch. Check out this banquet at Little Tokyo.

Later on we played some pool and did a little bit of shopping. Luke beat me 3-2 which is a pretty good score for me… I wouldn’t mind but I won the first two, I was sure I’d win overall!

Nevertheless, here I am enjoying a Slush Puppy like a big kid.

Tonight we’re watching Halloween movies, Bake Off and Couples Come Dine with Me, wearing face masks and drinking red wine. Bliss.

How beautiful is this photo of a lovely Autumnal tree and sunset?

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