UK Lockdown Day 184 & 185

September has been a surreal month so far, very anti-climatic after the popular ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme last month. The change in weather hasn’t helped either. Today we’ve had sun, wind, rain and a hailstorm… welcome to British weather *facepalm*.

I’m feeling a little bit of doom-and-gloom creeping in with the new law today that people (apart from those with exemptions) must wear a face mask in any public space for the next six months. Imagine if someone had told you that a year ago, you’d never have believed them, would you? 2020 will never be forgotten.

Yesterday, I spent the day helping my Mum packing up her house ahead of her move day, I can’t quite believe how many ornaments she’s collected over the years, many of them made me feel quite nostalgic as they’ve been in the family for years, or been collected in my childhood. I also brought home my collection of teapots… not that they’ll fit anywhere in my current house… maybe ten is slightly too many.

Even now I’m thinking I want this teapot…

Today, I’ve been less busy but still productive. This morning I did a food shop and wrote a review of the fabulous pie and mash shop in Whitby, and this afternoon I’ve made a chilli and watched lots of Netflix. I figured I deserved it seen as I nearly got caught in the hailstorm earlier.

After that I enjoyed a session of back-strengthening yoga, I’m out of practice so it was a little painful but worth it for the good vibes that followed.

When Luke got home from work we ate together and watched movies surrounded by cats. Perfect.

This is our Angel, all relaxed and beautiful, as always.

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