UK Lockdown: Day 170

Day 169 brings a Becky who is confused as to where the last week of lockdown went…

But, here we are, day 169 of strange living. When will it end? No one knows. Will it end? I really hope so!

Lockdown life for me has been so strange since I went back to work, I find myself distancing from every customer as best I can, only to see some people in large groups when I walk home in my face mask. What’s that all about? People genuinely baffle me. Do they not realise the more they gather in large groups, the more likely we are to be going back on full lockdown… and I don’t fancy that one bit. 

The last seven days flew by with work, household stuff, beautiful but irritating house cats and ‘normal’ life. Sunday was very pleasant with a full family meal and time in Luke’s pub. But Sarah’s bike was stolen *insert facepalm here*, and I was shattered from a busy weekend working…

Monday was a blur of speed and business… then Tuesday was spent with Luke’s mum and dad, Sarah and Amelia. A lovely chilled group. We even played pool… admittedly it was quiet and everyone working was in a mask…. but we went to a pool hall and played a few games. I don’t know why this all feels so surreal, but my goodness it does.

Today has flown by yet again, days off always do I guess. I’ve cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, hoovered all of upstairs and made a curry in the slow cooker. Just call me a domestic goddess…

It feels strange for some things to be so normal, and others to be so mundane and different. I can’t wait to see Josh on the 22nd. Sarah saw him last Saturday, and Mum is seeing him on Tuesday. It’s surreal to imagine a world where you can’t see your nearest and dearest, can’t hug them or see them properly. Yet here we are, in this weird Covid nightmare and strangeness.

How are you all in this strange year we call 2020?

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