UK Lockdown: Day 158 & 159

This week is absolutely flying by. Friday was spent clearing out my Mums house, and today was spent working.

Yesterday morning we took our cat, Coco, to the vets. I’m pleased to report that after a dose of steroids her skin rash should clear up. She was feeling very sorry for herself when we got back home so we treated her to some dreamies. Here’s a photo of her all chilled out on Luke’s knee a while ago. So cute.

Later on I headed to my Mum’s house to help her. She’s just got herself a new flat sorted so we all needed to move more of our things out and start bagging up lots of items for the charity shop. Honestly, I don’t know how I still have so much ‘stuff’ at her place…. it seems to be never ending! I’ve certainly collected a lot in 27 years.

We had a lovely Chinese takeaway later on with Luke, and chatted the night away. It was his first day back at work so he was pretty sleepy after being off for a few days with a poorly hand. Here’s Mylo and Angel relaxing in the lounge last night.

Today has been a busy day at work, but an incredibly enjoyable one as well. We had a wonderful couple in earlier who’d just gotten engaged and they were celebrating the day away. It was lovely.

When I got home I had a long soak in the bath, a big bowl of pasta and binge-watched some Once Upon a Time whilst I waited for Luke to get home. What a great couple of days!

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