Louis Theroux: Savile Netflix Review

Until 2012 the world viewed Savile as a man who lived a life of fortune, good will and charity, but this documentary uncovers the lies he told and the charade he showed to the world until his death and later demise. Louis Theroux is a thorough investigative journalist, broadcaster and filmmaker. He reveals many intense and shocking walks of life and meets some interesting characters along the way in all of his work.

However, alongside his incredible documentaries on a range of subjects from his early research on Weird Weekends to Surviving America’s Most Hated Family just last year, Louis has handled some seemingly impossible situations throughout his career. One of those immensely difficult situations emerges in his latest film about his relationship with the disgraced Jimmy Saville.

In this feature-length film Louis studies the time he spent with Savile during the creation of his earlier series titled ‘When Louis met Jimmy Savile” in 2000. Louis battles with a lot of self-doubt, personal anxiety and clear guilt about not seeing Savile as his true self, as a now well-know prolific pedophile.

During filming with Savile, in 2000, Louis says he would often have very strange conversations and encounters with him. In hindsight, he can now see Savile for who he really was, but as the saying goes, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

In a 2016 interview with The Guardian Louis admitted; “I was gullible” as he agonises about allowing Savile to delude him as he did with so many others. But Louis, I have one thing to say; you were not to know he could be such an evil man. You were simply doing your job and trying to diacover the man behind the mask, the person behind the bravado and television glamour.

Savile has created a huge divide across the country, as he has with many of the people Louis speaks to in his new documentary. Many people don’t believe the victims of Savile’s heinous crimes, or simply can’t accept that someone could do such detestable things to another human being, and especially to vulnerable and disabled children.

As a Leeds resident, his association with the West Yorkshire city makes me feel sick to the core. Whenever I look at his old home in the Roundhay Park grounds I feel so much anger that he could use his power to manipulate and violate so many people.

Louis you did a great job in this documentary film. Not one person can say you should have known better about that man, he was putting on a show, a charade against the rest of the world, his showbiz face masking true evil.

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