UK Lockdown: Day 141

This heatwave, and being back at work, is making lockdown liveable if I’m totally honest. I don’t think I’d be feeling half as positive as I am if it wasn’t for having the sun on my skin, being able to see (most of) my loved ones and going to work to keep me busy. When I imagine lockdown in snow and rain… it almost seems impossible.

Yesterday, I spent some lovely time with Mum and Sarah shopping and relaxing. Then we met Luke for some lunch in a beer garden (I even caught the sun!). Later on it was time for the evening service at work which was very warm, and quite busy, but an enjoyable shift.

Today, I’ve not been working and I spent the morning with Mum and Luke just chilling on the sofa and watching silly television.

Luke treated me to a delicious Japanese meal with cocktails. Little Tokyo Leeds

I just LOVE Little Tokyo in Leeds, here are our (almost) marching bento boxes. I had Mackerel Teriyaki and Luke had Chicken Teriyaki. Both are delicious and the staff were as great as ever.

We had a walk around town and then headed to see Luke’s parents cat, Sammy, with my sister, Sarah. He is super cute, comically dopey and always miserable faced!

After another drink in town we headed home to relax and have a lovely homemade salad, by Luke- I have been spoilt today!

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