UK Lockdown: Day 139

Friday and Saturday flew by and I can’t believe another week in lockdown is over! Time really does fly when you’re having fun (or busy working…)

Friday and Saturday were really beautiful sunny days. It’s a shame I was working them but I did get to enjoy some of the good weather.

Friday was so hot that Angel decided to cat nap on the stairs, partly hanging off them. Here she is saying; “Mummy, why is it so hot?”

Sunday has been fabulous so far. Sunny but not too hot, spent with some of the best people, good food (if I do say so myself) and relaxing! Only missing my lovely grandad and wonderful brother!

I had a lie-in, a spam sandwich and a lazy morning, followed by an afternoon with Mum and Sarah.

We had a fake-away Nandos! It was good, even with me boasting. I used a branded Nandos seasoning, and made creamy mash, garlic sweet potato wedges, halloumi, creamy coleslaw and tender-stem broccoli. Delicious!

Now we’re playing the classic Unstable Unicorns and planning a trip to the pub!

Happy Sunday everyone.

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