UK Lockdown: Day 135 & 136

Lockdown life is pretty good at the moment. So far, so good. Since the restrictions lifted here in the UK, I’ve safely seen friends, seen my Mum, and it appears I’ll be seeing my brother soon too!

Leeds, where I live, in West Yorkshire, has seen an influx in cases, but I am confident we can slow the ‘curve’ and stop the spread. I would estimate that about 90% of the people I have seen in the last month have been socially distancing, or wearing a mask which is pretty decent. When I’m at work I feel safe 95% of the time, I only feel slightly uneasy when we have reached our full capacity or people aren’t distancing.

The problem with lifting restrictions is that some people take it more seriously than others… and, in my opinion, the government seems to be choosing the economy over potential lives. However, I could be wrong, the future of the UK and coronavirus could be a very interesting watch.

Yesterday, and today, I was working, but I did enjoy a good morning and early afternoon with my mum and sister.

Last night, I returned home to a very cute and sleepy Angel, our white cat, how cute. She’s on the table tonight as well!

I love coming home to wonderful surprises and home comforts, and tonight I returned home to homemade ‘Make Your Own Burritos’. Isn’t Luke lovely? Sarah and I really enjoyed them.

We were looking forward to a virtual Pub Quiz, but sadly it had been cancelled.

My night has consisted of cute cats, being lazy and lovely people! I wish you all the best in the coming weeks of lockdown.

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