UK Lockdown: Day 134

Day 134 marks the first day we travelled anywhere in lockdown. It’s also equally special because 134 was my house number as a child. So, you know, a good day all round really.

As York is the best city, it was host to our first trip out. I LOVE York. It’s full of oldy-worldy trinket shops, amazing architecture, great pubs and this famous feature called a wall. If you haven’t been to York, and you live in the UK, you’re basically failing. This is the oldest street in York, The Shambles. It’s amazing.

When we first arrived we saw a street performer, and, of course Luke was asked to light his flamethrower… why is it always Luke? Perhaps it’s because he’s 6 foot 7 and easily seen? Here’s the performer desperately trying to socially distance while it’s lit. Luke is over six feet tall so it’s likely that with both their arms stretched out the accomplished more than two-metre distancing to all those who may pick a fault with this. Also, I’m assuming the crowd in the distance is from the same household… but who knows?

After this performance we headed to our favourite York pub; The Hole in the Wall. We love their homemade pub grub and hospitality. It’s always good there. Here’s some British classics, gammon and roast beef in a Yorkshire pudding. Perfect for soaking up the gin.

We had a lovely walk on the wall and a stroll up a few high streets. I had a mini panic when we entered another pub because there was no distancing and we quickly left, undisturbed. After the shock though, I needed another gin, so we headed to The House of Trembling Madness. A fabulous post-modern bar and restaurant with spooky and quirky decor and a great mix of beers, ales and gins.

I particularly liked this light shade with (I think) a hawk sat above.

Overall today was fantastic, and I can’t wait for another escapade across Yorkshire. Tonight we’re planning a film, takeaway and lots of relaxing because our legs are aching as much as they do after a long day at work.

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