UK Lockdown: Day 132

Sunday’s in our house are all about comfort food and pyjamas, and that’s exactly how I spent half of my day. I slept in, watched Benidorm with Luke and had a beautiful homemade cottage pie before work.

Thanks Lukey! We also video-called my Mum and Grandad and had a lovely catch-up. I think Grandad is fed up of being indoors all the time now, and he’s very eager to get back to ‘normal’. Almost every day of the week he has plans to see various groups; from photography to gardening, and even computers and the internet, he loves to keep busy!

I headed to work for a lovely evening shift and had some wonderful guests in the restaurant. Honestly, when we have nice people in it makes my shift so much more pleasant.

Sarah picked me up from work and we saw the most gorgeous moon on the walk back from the bus stop. Isn’t it spooky and photogenic?

Tonight I’m playing Unstable Unicorns with Sarah and planning on watching some more Benidorm, and snuggling up on the sofa with my new candles and lots of chill-time.

It’s about time I lit these candles that I bought years ago, isn’t it?

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