UK Lockdown: Day 131

The last few days have been a bit of a blur as I’ve been working, so not much has happened besides staying as socially distant as possible, and living as close to normal as I can. I’m considering wearing a face mask at work now due to a few people not behaving themselves, however, I do back away from people who don’t distance themselves, and I am always very alert… apart from when I forget the one-way system.

Like many others I am struggling to accept the new ‘normal’, because, to me, nothing is normal about people socialising in restaurants and pubs, but not being able to see older or more vulnerable family members. I haven’t seen my brother since the 15th March, and I’m genuinely worried he’ll have forgotten who I am by the time I next see him. He’s a very special person, not just to me, but to everyone he meets. He’s amazing. I think about him every day and it distresses me so much not being able to see him, I know I can’t change it, but it hurts so much that I can’t hug one of the most special people on the planet. Special needs really does equal special love. Here’s me, my sister Sarah, and brother Josh. The first photo is 2001/2 and the second is 2019 at his 18th birthday. Wow.

On another note, tonight I finished work at 5pm and headed for some drinks and socially distanced socialising with my best friends, sister and Luke. We had such a good time and I cannot wait to be able to hug them and squeeze them, holiday with them, drink in bars with them (comfortably), go crazy with them… oh wait we do that anyway!

I had a lovely time with you, some great takeaway food, lovely wine and, of course, lemon drizzle gin! Thanks again ladies (and Luke). Here’s looking forward to having another meet up again soon, and hopefully not too soon until we feel we can have some food and drinks around a table in a restaurant.

Let’s have another night like this one below, really soon!

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