UK Lockdown: Day 128

Day 128 made me realise more than ever that this lockdown malarkey is insane for all of us. Lockdown can affect people in many ways; from giving you the push you might have needed to change jobs or your lifestyle, to giving you a really hard time mentally or physically.

Sometimes, life can suck, and sometimes it can be fantastic. Lockdown can do both, it’s really strange and disconcerting. How has it been for you?

Life in the Mennell-Nichols household has been a little bonkers recently… I’ve been overthinking and worrying, Luke has been constantly busy, and between us we’ve been worrying about everyone else… today things came to a head, and it might have been for a good reason or a bad one.

I woke up and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen (not that there’s much of a point when you live with a kitten that loves the bath more than any other cat I’ve ever known…)

Mum came round in the afternoon and we all had a big chat about everything that’s been getting to us recently. Amongst the arguing and big discussion it was lovely to see her and break homemade bread (made by Luke) with her. We love you so much Mum.

Doesn’t she look beautiful here (and always)?

Later on I did a food shop, and everyone (apart from my asthmatic sister and one other shopper) was wearing a mask, which made me very happy.

This evening we had a Nandos and I pretended I was in Quarteira, Portugal, sipping rose wine with a beautiful sea breeze washing over me as I ate Peri Peri style chicken- if only!

I’m especially glad I had a good feed tonight because I then spent 30 minutes panicking like a lunatic and looking for little Mylo (Sarah’s kitten) who had decided to go AWOL on the roof! When we got him back (Thank God, all the spirits, anyone who sacrificed their soul so we would find him…), he was especially cute and looked exhausted. Here he is lounging about like a King after his escapade. Angel didn’t even hiss at him… which shows how crazy the whole night has been (they don’t get on)…

Pretty crazy Wednesday, right?

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