UK Lockdown: Day 126 & 127

Life in the UK has gone back to an ‘almost normal’, although I think I’ve forgotten how life was before Covid. Like all of us, I cannot wait until I don’t have to wear a face mask in public or worry about going too close to a stranger. It’s a strange kind of stress not knowing if you can trust another person to not carry Covid and pass it on to you. ‘Normally’ I wouldn’t worry about catching a virus, because I’m a healthy person, but this virus scares me silly, and I long for the old ‘normal’. Even the concept of ‘normal’ seems impossible right now, what even is normal anymore?

However, we do have the love of a cat!

The last two days have been lovely, yesterday was my partners Mum’s birthday and we went out for drinks and food. If you’d asked me last month if that would have been possible I would probably have wept and not stopped for quite a while. But, we did. We went out for a meal and cocktails. Wow.

The local Indian restaurant was carrying out additional cleaning, seating customers far apart, and all the servers were wearing a face mask. How lovely is this vegetarian sharer starter that Luke and I shared?

It was so lovely to have meal out and celebrate, and I’m sure Luke’s mum enjoyed herself.

Today was a pretty quiet day back at work. There’s not much to report. The evening was pretty busy for a lockdown Tuesday, and I spent it on the bar making cocktails and serving many pints of lager. We’re currently running a deal which is 2-4-1 on main meals after 4pm, so most of our tables came in for that purpose.

I feel quite accomplished now I can make a Pornstar Martini though!

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