UK Lockdown: Day 124 & 125

Yesterday and today have absolutely flown by, I’ve been so busy and so happy, it’s been a weekend of celebration!

In the morning, I met my best gals (minus one) for a coffee in Roundhay Park. We had a really good chat and I left feeling a lot calmer about everything with COVID and the affect it’s had on the wider economical, sociological and physical situation for the planet and people.

After our lovely meet I headed over to Luke’s Mums to set up for her birthday gathering. Luke’s sister had bought some lovely personalised banners- they look great, don’t they?

In the late afternoon friends and family started arriving and we had a really lovely time. Luke’s sister had made West Indian meat and rice, fried chicken and mac&cheese. There was also a buffet of nibbles and a gorgeous cake.

It was so great to see people I hadn’t seen in years, let alone in the months of lockdown. My extended family are such wonderful people.

Today has mostly been spent relaxing and rejuvenating. Mum sent me a lovely photo of some roses at her partners house and I made us a traditional chicken roast dinner.

Tonight Luke has to work so I’m going to head down myself and have a couple of drinks with his Dad, and maybe my sister.

What a top-notch* weekend.

* top-notch= British slang, high-class, excellent, well received

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