UK Lockdown: Day 123

Throughout my time on furlough I studied a fair amount and now I’m back at work I’ve lost the urge and thrill of learning. My time off is spent relaxing and reflecting on how life is right now.

The first month of lockdown I completed a few online courses with The Open University, then I moved onto a Google Analytics course, and now I’m just tired. I’m really pleased that I did those things, but I’m also shocked that I didn’t take the time to breathe a little more. The past four months have absolutely flown by. I mean, do you think we’ll ever forget them? They seemed to be dragging, but at the same time where did April, May and June go? July is nearly over! It’s crazy.

I guess what I’m saying is; don’t beat yourself up about edging back into reality, just remember how far we’ve come. And, let’s hope we never have to do it all again…

This afternoon work was really quiet so I did some additional cleaning, renovated our signage and helped with a few marketing ideas.

This evening I’m getting myself ready for a weekend off with actual plans! It’s my partners Mums birthday, so we’re having a mini gathering tomorrow and a meal out on Monday. Everything makes me feel apprehensive at the moment, but we have to get back to normal soon. Who knows what will happen in life? None of us.

Aside from thinking about what I’ve been doing and getting ready for tomorrow I’ve had a grand day!

Check out my ‘Becky did them herself nails’…

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