UK Lockdown: Day 122

An unexpected day off brings a day of errands and cleaning… how exciting is my life *lol*.

I headed out this morning as Luke left for work, I did some shopping at Aldi in Chapel Allerton, and saw these beautifully painted electric boxes. How cute are they! Reminding us all to care a little bit more at the moment.

After the supermarket I headed home to wrap some presents for my Mother-in-Laws birthday, I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and prepared dinner for later.

I also bought some lovely flowers earlier in Aldi, how beautiful.

Later on I went back into town to meet my Mum and Sarah. Mum is house-hunting at the moment so we went to view a property and then I tried again to get a dress for the weekend.

Very unsuccessful, but ah well!

This evening we enjoyed the weekly pub quiz and I am now in full relaxation mode; face mask on, foot spa working and a cup of camomile tea.

Good afternoon, good evening and good night.

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