UK Lockdown: Day 119

Another lovely lockdown day in sunny Leeds.

It started with a wonderful lie-in and a cup of Yorkshire tea. Perfect. Then I did a spot of shopping in town. Primark was flooded with people but I kept my cool as much as I could. I really wish people would be more socially aware tho…

A friend sent me this hilarious throwback from nine years ago- it’s Luke and me when he randomly picked me up at our annual friends picnic.

I worked the evening shift today and it was quiet but really pleasant. It’s so good to be back at work, and I do feel supported which is great. I was concerned before and I was hiding it, but after a heart-to-heart last night with my Operations Manager, I feel good.

Also, when you come home to cute cats, you have to feel some kind of contentment. This is Coco sniffing my head because I turned and smiled at her, after this she nose booped me (a cat kiss).

And, tomorrow, I’m not working, so I’m getting my hair cut, having some food out and having an all-round awesome day relaxing!

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