UK Lockdown: Day 118

Today was better than yesterday. Work was less stressful. I got some things off my chest. I ate well. I felt healthier. I accepted things and felt happier.

Luke and I had some time together this morning and we relaxed in each other’s company alongside The Big Bang Theory before I headed to work. I don’t usually work Sunday’s so I was a little apprehensive, but my day was lovely.

I had two families celebrating birthdays, some lovely couples and generally happy people. When the weather is good in Britain, it makes a huge difference.

I came home to this delicious meal cooked my Luke.

The only negatives of today were that we’ve been let down by a member of the team- but, we’ve seen their true colours now and we can move forward. And, a lot of Leodian’s decided it was a great plan to gather on Millennium Square and cause mayhem amidst a global pandemic… but I can’t control that, so I moved forward from it.

This evening I’ve had cuddles with Mylo, Angel and Coco. I love them all so much. Here is a Coco being a cutie.

How’s your weekend been?

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