UK Lockdown: Day 115

Yes, I’m still doing these daily blogs. No, I’m not stopping (until I’m bored). Maybe, I’m a person with too much time on her hands…

Day 115 was pretty swell. Work was quiet, but very pleasant. I had lovely customers, all socially distancing and adhering to our rules in the restaurant. I had a lady who was so overwhelmed to be back in the restaurant that she was holding back tears as she told me about her experience being furloughed and shut away from her ‘normal’. It really made me think about how lockdown has affected us all so differently.

I also had our new and delicious honeycomb cheesecake…. eat it with your eyes and feel very jealous.

After work, I did a food shop and decided to make a chilli con carne taco meal. It turned out pretty tasty (if a little too hot for me and Sarah). Luke still added hot sauce to his because for some reason he’s a dragon when it comes to spices *lol*.

After the feast we enjoyed the virtual Pub Quiz and had a good laugh. We didn’t win, I think we were third, so no Prosecco for us this week. Regardless, we always enjoy it and it gives us something to look forward to enjoying.

Mylo was especially pleased to see his mummy Sarah, and we loved having her here. I’m currently having cuddles with him. He’s such a cutie.

Happy Day 115.

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