UK Lockdown: Day 112

Today has been productive, exhausting, shocking and good all at the same time…

I started off cleaning the bathroom and having a right good scrub… only to have Mylo sit in the bath and on the sides. He’s so funny and cute I can’t even be annoyed. Look at him with his fox-like features and his little nose.

Mum arrived late morning for a catch-up and a chill. She’s a lovely woman and I could honestly spend all day with her just chatting about anything and everything. I feel the same way about Sarah too! (Maybe Luke on the odd occasion *wink*).

We played Monopoly and chilled out all afternoon while Luke made us dinner with his wonderful bubble and squeak*. This is what they look like.

The cats have been absolute diamonds until Mylo decided to wee in the kitchen which meant I had to clean all the floor *facepalm*. Again, I struggled to be annoyed with him because he’s so cute, even though I had to empty the cat food into containers to avoid them getting wet…

After this debacle, not being paid on time, and the news that Sarah is moving house tomorrow , I needed a beer and another chill. Tonight I’m planning a foot spa, face mask and television night of relaxation. Needed. The need was real.

*bubble and squeak; masked potatoes and leftover vegetables (usually cabbage and leek) made into potato cakes and shallow-fried – even if Luke’s were a little bit overdone, they were still lovely.

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