UK Lockdown: Day 111

Today has been smooth and chilled like a good peanut butter.

Sunday’s are usually about relaxation and rest, and that’s 100% what I’ve done, I only left the house to get some cat food and wine… Sunday done right.

My day started with a lie in, a bacon and egg butty, and a film on the sofa under a blanket with Luke. Perfection. Daniel Radcliffe took on a very different role to his Harry Potter days in the film “What If”, now available on Netflix.

This afternoon I made us a roast beef dinner. I say roast, I roasted the beef then simmered it in a garlicky gravy. Check this out. Yes I’m a boss at roast dinners (even if I did use frozen Yorkshire puddings).

Later on, Luke had to go to work so Sarah and myself sat in the late afternoon sunshine and did some Codewords and Wordsearch’s like the old ladies we are.

Afterwards we video-called Grandad and Mum. We’re all really missing our brother Josh, and can’t wait to see his beautiful face in the flesh. Other than that, we really enjoyed the call and had a really good laugh.

Since then we’ve *cough* ordered a cheeky MacD’s *cough*, and played board games, Luke should be home soon for more blanket cuddles and television.

How was your Sunday?

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