UK Lockdown: Day 110

Saturday mornings are normally such a rush for me as I try and cram in time with Luke and rush to get to work. But, today I went food shopping, saw Sarah and Luke for a while, and made a homemade curry; (link).

Mum will probably be pretty jealous of this because this is her favourite curry (although the one from the local restaurant is far more authentic I’m sure).

This afternoon we’ve played Rummy, Unstable Unicorns and chilled out together ahead of mine and Luke’s evening shifts.

When I arrived at work it was pretty busy, well, for Coronavirus times, because we are working at half capacity. Pretty good going to be honest.

The evening flew by and before I knew it 10pm rolled around and I was cleaning faster than ever before.

How I think I look at work: Versus, how I actually look at work:

Saturday was pretty swell.

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