UK Lockdown: Day 109

Friday’s and restaurants are all fun and games unless you’re in lockdown. The daytime was sooooo quiet today, and the night flew by because we were so busy!

It’s hard to keep on top of cleanliness when it’s busy, but it’s also really important so we were pelting it around the restaurant to get everything done tonight.

Being back at work is actually brilliant though, it occupies my mind and gets me out of the house *lol emoji*.

Today I had a gorgeous burger, chips my salad for lunch because it was earned on a ten-hour shift.

(This wasn’t the actually burger I ate- but from my restaurant- because I scoffed it in no time and didn’t take a photo…)

I’m pleased to report that 99.99% of people were socially distancing in the restaurant, and I felt safe, I just step away from people when they aren’t following the rules, then I feel okay again.

When I got home tonight I had a lovely hot shower and watched Guest House Paradiso on Netflix. I needed to unwind and it sounded funny. It was wacky to say the least!

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