UK Lockdown: Day 108

Another day at work, and another positive one. Free food, good customers and positive vibes for the future.

This morning I did not want to get out of bed, so I slept in a little, had three cat cuddles and a lazy morning on the sofa, before running round like a mad woman to get out of the house and to work in time (I ended up being 20 minutes early…)

I’m loving the new food at work. It’s very posh pub food, British classics.

This was Hunters chicken, sweet potato wedges, tender-stem broccoli and campfire coleslaw.

The restaurant was quiet today, but I think people are getting used to places reopening around the moment, so many people won’t know about us yet.

I’m hopeful for the coming weeks, most people were socially distancing in the restaurant and focusing on the one-way system and other elements of our safety structure.

When I got home this evening supper had been made for me and I even got to see my sister, Sarah, as well as Luke, of course. I can’t wait to make more memories with them and the whole family, like this one here!

Now it’s time for a few games of cards and a relaxing night!

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