UK Lockdown: Day 106

In the rush to get back to ‘normality’ some people are becoming utter morons* in my opinion.

How can you go from distancing yourself from strangers, to getting drunk in a busy town centre? I’m baffled.

Anyhow, today was really rather splendid. I woke up and had a lovely morning chat with Mum, Sarah and Luke before I headed to work.

The restaurant is ready to open tomorrow and I’m feeling really positive about it being safe and a happy place to visit. I feel like we’re taking lol the right precautions and I will be safe… let’s see if I feel that way in a few days!

On another happy note, Sarah is moving into her own place tomorrow and she’s very excited, if a little nervous. I’m really happy for her and very proud of her for taking the plunge and living alone. She’s a star. Here’s a photo of us ladies yesterday on Sarah’s birthday; Luke’s mum Dawn, my Mum Linda, me and Sarah. (I don’t know why I slouched, I look small…)

When I got home from work we played Monopoly and watched Mama Mia. What a great film. Sarah and I sing to all the songs thanks to having a Mum who filled our heads with ABBA songs since birth!

I’m not complaining about all the ABBA songs by the way, those songs were written with passion, and sung with pride and power.

What’s your favourite ABBA song?

*morons= British slang, idiots, daft people.

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