UK Lockdown: Day 105

Sarah’s birthday was fabulous! The weather wasn’t perfect, but we had some sun and lots of laughter (plus great food which is always a winner for me).

This morning we did cards and presents and got ourselves ready for our family to arrive. I found this absolute gem of a ‘double throwback’ photo collage on my phone and showed it to everyone! 2001 and 2018! How cute 💜

This afternoon we had a lovely picnic in the park with the family and only missed out on seeing Josh and Grandad. We can’t wait to give them a big squeeze soon ❤️

Check out this fabulous spread of a picnic!

This evening we had a few drinks, played Monopoly, cards and Unstable Unicorns.

We also had the customary Nando’s which is a staple at Sarah’s birthday celebrations. Here she is blowing out her birthday cake candles.(Sorry for getting you in the background Stuart!)

Happy 24th Birthday Sarah, we love you loads!

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