UK Lockdown: Day 103

Laughter is the best medicine. So many things can be improved by laughing, it lifts the mood, relaxes the mind (even if only temporarily), and everyone loves the endorphins it releases.

Today was pretty alright. Considering I got very little sleep last night because I was physically tired, but mentally very awake, today was actually good.

It started with a morning of cleaning (at work). I feel more confident about reopening because I know everything is spotless. We were also all taught how to do a line clean (I’ve learnt this before but everywhere is different, or uses different chemicals, so it was good to have a refresh). Also, a clean line, means a better pints and pints matter here in the UK.

The afternoon was spent in a meeting and restocking parts of the bar and restaurant. We have successfully socially distanced tables and got ready for our deliveries.

On my walk home tonight I was shocked to see so many people out in town. The 4th of July 2020 will never be forgotten by the people of Leeds who certainly want to get back to the pubs and restaurants the city has to offer. I’m not saying everyone will behave like an idiot tonight, I’m just saying some of those people will behave like idiots tonight… and we don’t want that!

On my return home I had more cuppas made for me, a takeaway ordered for me, and a game of Monopoly to not win *facepalm*. We were playing the Hobbit version.

How has your Saturday been?

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