UK Lockdown: Day 102

Question: My legs are aching, I feel tired and I didn’t make my own food today… can you guess what changed?

Answer: I went back to work for a meeting and did LOTS of cleaning. I feel weirdly awake and better for working in a way. It’s kind of nice to feel tired and achey for the first time in months.

Also, our meeting really relaxed me and put my mind at ease for the future at work. I’m pretty sure most hospitality establishments are doing the same deep cleaning we did today, and being extra vigilant, I just hope the customers will be too!

I’ve missed Sarah and Luke so much today, it’s like I’m not part of the ‘at home crew’ *lol*. I’ve also missed the cats… so have a photo of Coco! You can only just see her perched on ‘the cushion’ the cats like… beedy eyes alert…

After a busy day cleaning I was very happy to have a hot shower and numerous cuppas made for me at home.

For now, we’re playing card games and we’ll put a film on a little later. If you haven’t played Munchkin Cthulhu before, and you like a challenging game, you should check it out.

It’s my turn to choose a film and I can’t decide, any ideas?

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