UK Lockdown: Day 101

One hundred and one Dalmatians… oh no, wait, 101 days in lockdown…

Who’d have thought it? Here we all are smashing it, doing our best to get through these strange times, and hopefully looking after ourselves and coming out stronger.

Today has flown by (as usual) and I don’t know where the day went. I started the morning sat on the sofa relaxing with my sister, it’s been a pleasure having her here, it seems crazy that I’ve only been in my own place five months, and when she loves out again it will feel really strange and quiet without her and her kitten, Mylo.

After a relaxed morning we made a start painting our bedroom (that we’ve been putting off for the past month when we had good weather…). The whole house stinks of paint now, and I’m reminded of why I don’t decorate that often…

This afternoon, we went over to Armley to my Mums house and got a few more things for our house and Sarah. We had a tidy around and I found (yet more) things I had forgotten I owned…

When we returned home we cooked some pizzas and enjoyed the weekly Pub Quiz. We’re back at work next week so we wanted to enjoy our potentially last day enjoying the quiz and have a chilled night. How funny is this gif? Happy Thursday everyone!

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