UK Lockdown: Day 100

When I started this venture I had no idea how long it would last, or wether it would be a pleasant journey, or even wether I’d keep up to it. And here we are, day 100 of my daily lockdown blogs.

Some really strange things have happened in lockdown that I never expected; I’ve binge-watched an eclectic mix of programmes from Netflix, forgotten how to do basic things like write (my handwriting is so bad it will be a miracle if I can read back my notes…), spent an unusual amount of time watching my cats sleep, and enjoyed the simple things in life so much more.

I think that’s what I will take away from this experience. As much as I love being out everyday doing ‘things’, being busy, socialising, working, seeing lots of people, I’ve really appreciated time watching people pass by the house, sitting in the sunshine, seeing Luke, just being. Just living and taking each day as it comes.

Deep thoughts aside, today has been lovely (despite the downpour). This morning we watched some more Sex Education, and had another good giggle.

We were productive as well though-Luke and me sanded our bedroom walls down ready for painting, and Sarah made a few important calls and looked after the cats.

After lunch we did a spot of tidying and met up with Ben and Carleana by the Royal Armouries. We had a lovely walk along the canal until the rain started *facepalm*. It was genuinely wonderful to see you both after not seeing you since February! Time goes too fast, and I wish we had more of it with good friends.

Next time we meet I promise it won’t be a wet day, we’ll have warm sunshine and good food!

Sarah cooked us a lovely Mexican meal this evening, with help from sous chef Luke. Doesn’t this look amazing?

Now we’re settling down for a few rounds of Cluedo, and Toy Story!

Happy midweek day.

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