UK Lockdown: Day 99

“Ninety-nine red balloons

Floating in the summer sky

Panic bells, it’s red alert…”

At least we’re not in the red zone anymore, right? I think we’re in amber now for the infection rate, but people are still getting infected… hmm. I’m not sure how I feel right now. Are they going to close the beaches again, or not? Will we end up in lockdown again? Is everything going to be okay when we reopen?

It’s a very strange and interesting time…

So here’s a photo of Mylo and Coco eating side by side!

Worrying aside, today was pleasant. I started the day earlier than usual and we had the Plusnet engineer round to sort out WiFi out for once and for all. Finally. We. Have. Internet. That. Works. (For. Now.)

We donated some clothes and a few household items to charity, and we watched lots of Sex Education!

Later on, we took a stroll over to see Luke’s mum, she’s doing well, and I’m really looking forward to her special birthday party at the end of next month. I swear to cow nothing is stopping me from partying on down at her birthday shindig. I’ve not been in lockdown for four months for nothing *facepalm*. I was getting excited just thinking about dressing up and getting drunk *lol*.

This evening Luke made us pepperoni pasta and we played Monopoly. I really thought I was going to win this time around…. but, of course, at the last minute Sarah pulled out all the stops and I was declared bankrupt!

How has your cloudy Tuesday been?

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