UK Lockdown: Day 96

Saturday’s in lockdown are so much different to my normal routine, I usually spend the day in a busy restaurant or have something really exciting planned.

Today was pretty exciting though, because one of my best friends, Marie, came round for a socially distanced catch-up. It was really lovely to see her and we spent five hours talking about, well, not that much, and I don’t know where the time went. We all had a great time in her company, and Luke loves his birthday card (what a quote) and present.

After her visit, we went to the supermarket for a few items of food and then we had a tidy up around the house.

We have also played a few games of Bears versus Babies. The game really is as strange as the name, but it’s also lots of fun. (Yes this really is the box).

Now we’re waiting for a fried chicken takeaway and we’re watching Mama Mia Here We Go Again, and after that I fancy watching Ace Ventura Pet Detective!

What a fantastic Saturday. Enjoy the weekend guys.

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