UK Lockdown: Day 95

Relaxing, shopping, watching the rain fall, and being beaten at Poker! That’s what today has been about.

We started the day by relaxing and easing ourselves into the planned events. Luke had a meeting at work ahead of reopening, so Sarah and I played Poker and chilled. We played three games and she won them all. She’s really good at it, too good perhaps, this could be her calling!

After playing poker, I put some washing on and cleaned the kitchen while Sarah had a group call. We ate some lunch and headed into town in search of compost, unfortunately we couldn’t get any, but we did buy loads of snacks and sweets because we’ve been going through them pretty quickly with all our games nights!

(I’ve devoured so many sweets tonight that I am Kimmy Schmidt in the above gif…)

When we were leaving town the thunder and lightening started and we had to take refuge in the bus station! Luckily, we stayed dry and when we got back home I did some more of my Analytics course.

Luke returned home feeling pretty stressed about the idea of returning to work so we calmed his nerves (if only a little), and Sarah and I made a stir fry for dinner.

Now we’re playing Monopoly and I’m about to get beat *lol*.

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