UK Lockdown: Day 94

Lockdown just got more relaxed and a whole lot more awesome!

Today was fantastic and I had a great time with my family.

We met up in Roundhay Park and had a picnic with Mum, her partner Paul and Grandad. It was the first time Sarah had seen mum since April so they were very pleased to see each other.

Seeing Grandad was so wonderful and I really wanted to give him a big hug but I refrained! We all socially distanced from him (apart from for the photo), mainly because he is old, the rest of us just did one-metre if I’m being totally honest, but we have all been being very careful and I’ve been seeing Mum and Paul since the second lift on lockdown. How great do we all look here (minus Paul who’d headed to the car ahead of us).

My squinty face here us hilarious… Thank you all for a wonderful afternoon!

When we got home it was 32 degrees inside so Sarah and I decided to have a water fight! We haven’t had one since I was about 16 so we REALLY enjoyed it. I’d forgotten how much fun they are. Here we both are, dripping wet!

Meanwhile, Luke had been making a beautiful feast of Make-Your-Own Burritos. They were delicious. All I was missing was guacamole *lol*.

This evening we enjoyed the weekly, virtual Pub Quiz and were playing some board and card games.

Enjoy the lovely weather everyone!

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