UK Lockdown: Day 93

Summer has come to the people of Leeds. Our thermostat was at 30 degrees today. That’s super hot. That’s crazy high, full-on heatwave weather for the UK. Unfortunately, we have thunderstorms forecasted on Friday, so I’m making the most of the sunshine and getting my legs out!

I haven’t done much at all today because it’s just been far too hot, not that I’m complaining, if things had been ‘normal’ I’d have spent the day in an office, so I’m enjoying this lady of leisure malarkey to the fullest over the next few days.

Most of the day has been spent in the yard doing Codewords, and the rest of it has been spent watching the cats pull funny faces while they try to nap.

How comical does Angel look? So cute.

I’ve also painted my nails a fancy, summery pattern, and I’m aware this could be the last time before I go back to work so I’m enjoying them.

My sister made us a delicious chicken risotto with peppers and mushrooms for tea and it was delicious. Thank you Sarah. I didn’t take a photo because I was really hungry and I devoured it.

Our oven has decided to stop working, so we only have the hob working, thankfully we have plenty of pasta in stock until we get it fixed *facepalm*.

I’m now eagerly waiting for Luke and Sarah to finish a game of Monopoly (that I lost ages ago) so we can go for a late night walk. It was too hot earlier and I think some fresh air should help us sleep in this heat.

Are you enjoying the British heatwave?

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