UK Lockdown: Day 92

Tuesday’s are for sunny picnics, catch-ups with friends and visiting local attractions. How beautiful was the weather today? Here is Kirkstall Abbey and the gift shop in all its glory. Kirkstall Abbey Leeds

Today we met up with two of my best friends; Ceri and Ruth. We had a lovely picnic outside the Kirkstall Abbey Museum and then a wander around the abbey grounds.

The River Aire looked beautiful with reflections of trees shimmering into its gentle flow. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I love reflections in water and looking at photos of them. It’s relaxing and lovely to look back on and relive the moment. Luke captured these great reflection photos. The tree below could almost be an upside down photo. The reflections are fantastic.

Sarah, Luke and I had a lovely time with the girls, and I really enjoyed the catch-up and putting the world to rights about all kinds of things, especially coronavirus!

We even got an ice cream! And, funny story, because it was so hot today they were slightly melted already, when we started eating them we were struggling to not get it everywhere.

At one point, Sarah’s ice cream started to fall off and there was a hilarious ensemble of me trying to stop it from falling off and Sarah trying to scoop it back on! It was really funny. This was the result *lol*. We shared the remainder that hadn’t fallen on the floor!

Also, I am pleased to report that apart from buses being really warm at the moment, and face masks making you feel really sweaty and slightly short of breath…. buses are actually okay. When we arrived at the bus station ours was being cleaned thoroughly and that really put my mind at ease.

Socially distanced seating on buses.

Check out the cool social distancing seats! Here’s hoping everyone stays safe as we get back to ‘normality’.

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