UK Lockdown: Day 91

The start of a new week, hopefully more sunshine and new experiences.

Today we had a morning pottering about the house. Sarah had a few calls to make and helped me with some laundry. Luke vacuumed the whole house. And I cleaned the bathroom and did some laundry.

I love this street in Leeds, can you guess where it is? Leeds, West Yorkshire street

This afternoon, we took a walk to town for some shopping in Wilko’s. Town was stupidly busy and we’re beginning to think that Leodensian’s think lockdown is over(!), it isn’t guys, we very much need to social distance and as we return to normality, we should still be vigilant.

Tomorrow we’re planning on getting a short bus ride to go somewhere else in Leeds. I might be going back to work soon so I need to calm my nerves about public transport, we’re all going to be wearing a face mask and we won’t be repeating it if it’s awful.

When we got home from town we did some studying, Sarah and Luke did some Maths and I did some more of my Google Analytics course… Sarah’s Maths was really confusing for me so I don’t know how her and Luke worked it out. I’m sure it was easier when I was at school!

Luke made me and him another Simply Fresh meal; beef ragu with rigatoni, and Sarah had a tuna pasta instead as there wouldn’t have been enough. I forgot to take a photo so here is a Pinterest one *facepalm*.

We’ve just watched Ackley Bridge and now we’re going to play Poker.

How’s your Monday been?

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