UK Lockdown: Day 90

Day freaking ninety! What? Wow. Just, wow.

I’ve actually loved parts of lockdown; the lie ins, the time catching up with myself, my new appreciation for my body and my face (I wear makeup almost everyday normally), the solidity in my relationship, my cats, my home, experiencing nature, appreciating family. Of course, I’ve also hated some parts; the isolation, feeling separated, my lows, the boredom, my panicking, my accidents *facepalm*.

It’s been the weirdest time ever. Will any period of our life ever be this strange again? I doubt it…

I started the day watching Glee and eating leftover pizza with Sarah and Luke. Then we began a game of Monopoly (which, spoiler alert, I was the first to lose!)… we had to pause the game to head to Luke’s parents house for Fathers Day.

Here’s Coco interrupting our game! (You can just see Angel and Luke’s blurred hand to the right).

We had our weekly FaceTime with Mum and Grandad and a well needed heart-to-heart. Grandad’s neighbour made him a roast dinner today as it was Father’s Day. How incredibly sweet and kind!?

Meanwhile, Luke was cooking steak, chips, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions in the kitchen. Sarah’s first steak experience! We all enjoyed it (apart from the rump which was fatty *haha*). Lidl have an awesome offer on at the moment, two rump, two sirloin, two fillet and two ranch steaks for £15. I’m annoyed at myself for not taking a photo!

However, you can have a bonus photo of me feeling myself in the sunshine earlier this afternoon. Wild hair, shanty face, sunny vibes. Love yourself! Look after yourself! I’m currently watching Luke beat Sarah at Monopoly (this never happens, she ALWAYS wins!)… he just won! Normally, when we play, Sarah beats me and mum almost immediately!

Happy Father’s Day everyone.

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