UK Lockdown: Day 89

We’ve had a lovely day today, and the weather has been on our side too!

This morning, I woke up with the intention of buying Luke a special birthday breakfast (Sarah and me of course would have to cope and have one too!), but for some reason the local takeaway cafes were closed (quite strange?). Anyway, I made us all a personalised variation of bacon, egg, beans and tomato with toast.

We had a bit of a chill and Luke opened his cards and presents before we headed for a sunny walk out to Temple Newsam. Practically our second home in lockdown(!), we love it there. We took a picnic and sat under the tree looking out onto the lake. I particularly like this photo of the trees in a line and the view through them.

Luke also took a beautiful photo of the rabbits near bushes. They are so cute and soft! I wanted a cuddle but, of course, I didn’t want to startle them!

Just before we were leaving Sarah joined Luke in the ditch, they look like little and large here *lol*.

After the walk back we had a rest and a well-earned cuppa* before Luke’s parents came for pizza and beers. We had a good laugh chatting about happy memories and all things cats! Now we are relaxing and probably going to watch a film of Luke’s choice!

Here’s a bonus photo of Mylo, the girls are sleeping the day away in our room today.

Happy Weekend everyone!

* cuppa- Yorkshire abbreviation, cup of tea

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