UK Lockdown: Day 88

Today has been pretty busy and I’ve found out I own more dressing gowns than I could remember *insert facepalm here*.

The morning started with Luke ringing our internet supplier because during lockdown it has gone from bad to worse and it’s really started to make us angry. Luke put his foot down today, and hopefully it’s going to work normally from now on.

Other than that the morning was spent settling little Mylo in and doing a few household chores.

This afternoon we took a stroll over to my Mum’s house (she’s isolating with her partner out of Leeds), and collected various bits of post for my sister, Sarah, and for Mum. It felt really weird being in Mum’s house without her and with it being basically empty! I’ve cleared out a few more clothes and thought about moving more things in the future… you don’t realise how much ‘stuff’ you have until you move house…

When we got home Mylo was being his usual cute kitten self. Our girls, Angel and Coco, are also taking some adjusting to a new face, but I think they’ll be okay soon.

Here he is sat in the sink and then in the bath… because where else would he sit?

This evening we’ve watched Glee and eaten some more Hello Fresh food. Sarah had sausages rather than the sausage burger as it just serves two, and we had a whole heap of salad and homemade wedges each as well!

We might have a little walk to the local park soon, and then crash out ahead of a special mans birthday tomorrow!

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