UK Lockdown: Day 86

Well today has been pretty damn horrific.

Barely slept, woke up feeling drained and like I couldn’t take on a drunk in a pub brawl never mind battle a day in lockdown… but I picked myself up out of bed and wandered downstairs.

I productively did a load of washing, cleaned the bathroom, mopped the kitchen and bathroom, and went back to being shattered.

The alarm is still going off now as I write this blog at 9.20pm.

Lockdown is getting tedious and stressful again and I’m worried about so many people in these dark and uncertain times. But I know, we will get through this.

Wether you’re battling your own mental health, worried for a friend, tired of the negative news, panicking about Covid, anxious about the BLM movement and racism in your area, or wishing you could see your friends at Pride this year. We will get through this. We can get through this.

We’ve battled worse and come out fighting. And we will live a better life.

The only real positive today was seeing this sleepy face at Luke’s parents house. Oh to be a cat.

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