UK Lockdown: Day 85

Today has been very productive and sunny which is fantastic. However, we’ve also been battling with an alarm behind our house for the past five and a half hours, which is not very pleasant… Snakes and ladders I suppose.

We started the day with a bacon butty and a cup of Yorkshire tea. Luke suggested we went to town earlier in the day so we could avoid the potential rain. Leeds Yorkshire town centre 2020

It was so busy! Social distancing was (mostly) being adhered to, and I wore a face mask in the shops I needed. Before anyone asks… I did not go in Primark… even though there was no queue.

We bought some planters for the garden and a new kitchen bin (that’s been out of stock online for the past twelve weeks). We’re good at this adulting business.

When we returned home we had some lunch and headed into the yard to replant some flowers and have a tidy up. The plants are liking the sun at the moment and they look beautiful.

After our spot of gardening, I did some more of the Google Analytics course I’d started and then did some Codewords in the early evening sunshine.

Tonight we’ve planned a walk to get away from the smoke alarm that hasn’t stopped in hours… we are really fed up with it now. We’re in a terraced house so there’s an alarm on each floor… that’s three smoke alarms chiming away. The police can’t do anything because there’s no direct issue… and the council office is closed. Not happy *facepalm*.

Enjoy your evening guys.

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