UK Lockdown: Day 84

The past twelve weeks have been a strange and interesting time. Filled with self-love, self-doubt, and everything in between…

Now I’m faced with a new prospect; going back to work on the 4th July. I’m apprehensive because I don’t think the UK is ready to start social distancing in restaurants, cafes and pubs just yet, until the infection rate is much lower. In my opinion, if I can’t yet hug my elderly Grandad or asthmatic sister, why should I be going to work in a heavily customer facing role (and I don’t mean over the phone…), is it really safe to have a restaurant full of people socially distancing? How can I wear a face mask whilst taking a food order? Or in my other job, how can I video behind-the-scenes clips of photoshoots safely?

We shall see.

Today was absolutely wonderful! I saw my Mum and had an afternoon relaxing, chatting and we ordered Grandad’s Father’s Day gift ahead of Sunday. We sat in the yard and had an ice lolly and it was genuinely fantastic spending half the day with her.

I’m so glad we can now sit together and feel so much safer in each other’s company. I love her so much! We also chatted to my sister, Sarah, on the phone and had a catch up with her which was fabulous. I love you so much sis!

Grandad also sent me this beautiful photo of some flowers in his garden. He’s a real horticulturalist and his passion for gardening is genuinely inspiring. I think he wishes he’d been a gardener by trade and not a member of the Post Office, bless that man!

This evening we had tea in the yard and relaxed with Luke’s Dad. I was determined to stay out until sunset tonight, because it’s due to rain for a few days now and I don’t like rain at all.

Now we’re planning a night of even more relaxing with Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason because it’s my choice tonight, and we watched the first one at the start of lockdown! How was that over 11 weeks ago? I really don’t know. This gif represents me skiing through life… or not…

I’d like to think I’ve developed in a positive way a lot since the start of lockdown, but in someways I’m still the same silly Becky. Just a lot more self-aware, and having watched a lot more movies…

Happy Week 12 everyone!

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