UK Lockdown: Day 83

Sleepy Sunday’s with food and family are wonderful. Sleepy Sunday’s with food and virtual family are pretty well up there with some of the best.

Today was packed full of food, sunshine and feel good vibes. I’m keeping my stressy moments at bay by remembering I’ve done 80+ days of this lockdown malarkey and I’ve totally got this. If you’re reading this and feeling low, so have you.

I started the day with some homemade scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on a toasted muffin (or in this case, a breadcake.) It was lovely. Salmon, eggs, black pepper, divine.

Today we planned to do absolutely nothing but then remembered that we needed some cat litter *facepalm*, so we headed to the local bargain shop. Absolutely nobody was social distancing so I was very thankful I was wearing a mask made by a member of Luke’s family.

After the shopping trip, I had a video-call with Mum, Sarah and Grandad. Check out the lovely photo below. Grandad has had a haircut by a close-friend and Sarah shaved hers off a while ago because it was driving her mad, so there’s only me and mum who need a hairdresser ASAP.

Dinner tonight was roast gammon, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, green beans, spring greens and creamy leeks. Gorgeous.

As it’s still so warm and lovely out we are going for a short walk around the area and then watching the final part of Lord of the Rings. Is it wrong that the best part for me is the graphics?

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