UK Lockdown: Day 82

An unexpected sunny Saturday is just what we all needed. The weather (especially in the U.K.) is a real mood enhancer, and when it’s sunny we are very happy.

This morning I watched a few Big Bang Theory’s and then I started a course on Google Analytics. At the moment I’m just recapping things I already know and making sure I learn new good habits on there, but I’m hoping to learn some new things to an advanced level.

After a spot of lunch we had a walk over to see Luke’s parents, and the sun was shining! It was 22 degrees which was exceptional considering yesterday was 13 with rain. I love the clouds in this photo I took earlier.

This evening Luke treated us to a delicious Chinese and I have devoured it. I don’t normally choose sweet and sour from the Chinese, but today I just really fancied that particular dish with all the carbs. Alongside the yummy meal I’m having a few beers and watching some of the Scary Movie franchise.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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