UK Lockdown: Day 81

Where did today go? I haven’t even really done anything especially important on this wet and windy day. Also, Coco’s face a few days ago is the literal way I looked out of the window this morning… it wasn’t pleasant weather.

I started the day with my newest series; Peaky Blinders. Until now I’ve just watched the odd episode but today I got really into it as we started Season 2. The wonderful 1920s flapper-girl dresses and Ada being absolute class, as always.

This afternoon I had to battle with another mishap pay-wise and then I painted my nails to soothe myself… This time round I think I’m just being overtaxed but my managers are on it so fingers crossed it will easily be resolved. I’m feeling pretty apprehensive about the chances of us reopening the restaurant on the 4th July. I think it’s too soon, what are your thoughts?

After this I needed some air… so despite the weather being the type of fine rain ‘that soaks you through’ as us Brits say, we headed out for our weekly shop. It was pretty quiet due to the weather and most people were sticking to the stringent social distancing requirements.

When we returned we dried ourselves off and partook in an online Games Night by a local pub in Leeds. It was a great hour of entertainment with various activities including; Play Your Cards Right, Surprise Surprise, Popquiz and much more. I really enjoyed it.

Since then we’ve had some dinner and watched the final Harry Potter film. Now I’m wrapping Luke’s birthday presents ahead of his birthday next week.

How has your Friday been?

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