UK Lockdown: Day 80

Eighty days of no work, a lazy Becky makes. Jokes aside, if we hadn’t been walking miles and miles a day I would probably have gained a lot of weight. And been a lot more stressed, anxious or depressed.

Life in Lockdown has thrown more curveballs than I expected, but it’s also taught me new ways to handle my anxiety and stress levels (even though those around me probably think I’m lying…). Some days have been bad, some have been better than my average to be honest.

Lockdown has mostly been about reflection and eating lots of great food (and naughty food… but that’s okay too).

Despite the rain, we had a lovely walk around Temple Newsam with some of our lovely friends. It was so great to see them and have a nice chat and takeaway lunch from the cafe. I love the photo (above) of the rain dancing on the lake.

Luke also climbed a tree, because he can, he knows it makes us laugh, and of course, because he’s awesome.

Dinner tonight was a gorgeous pasta dish with salmon, spinach, tomatoes and creme fraiche. Delicious.

After that we enjoyed the virtual pub quiz on The Salt’s Cellar Saltaire Gin & Ale Bar’s Facebook page, and WE WON! That means we’ve now won two bottles of Prosecco to share with friends when they reopen. Fantastic. Thank you to the host, John, and all the team.

This gif below represents exactly what Luke and me did straight after winning!

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