UK Lockdown: Day 79

Never in my life (that I can recall) have I ever had to wear a winter coat in June. I am not impressed. I find Lockdown can be hard when the days are bleak, because the weather does dampen our mood a lot in England, pun intended.

That said, today has been okay. I pottered about a little this morning, read the news online, watched The Big Bang Theory, did a load of washing and eased myself into the day.

This afternoon, despite the forecasted rain, we headed out for our daily exercise. We went into town to get some wool from the market but the Haberdashery shop hasn’t reopened (or was closed today), so we were unsuccessful there. I wanted to see the statue of Queen Victoria, in Hyde Park, because I’d heard that it had been vandalised in the recent BLM riots. On the walk up we saw a beautiful rabbit, the Leeds University in all its grandeur, and finally the statue, which had already been cleaned up by volunteers.

We walked along Meanwood Road on the way home and it started drizzling with rain but nothing too heavy or unexpected. I love the smell you get when it rains, petrichor I believe it’s called.

When we returned home I wrote to my Grandad’s neighbour to thank her for all her kindness and companionship towards my Grandad in these strange times. And I filled in my notebook with everyone’s birthday so I can actually start sending cards to people in both mine, and Luke’s side of the family.

This evening we’re watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, and potentially American Pie Book of Love.

How’s your Wednesday been? I can’t believe how fast this week is going.

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