UK Lockdown: Day 78

Today has been social and fun which is always a good way to spend time.

I needed to catch-up on Coronation Street so that’s how I spent my morning, then I prepped some lunch with some leftover beef from Sunday.

For our afternoon walk we headed up to Chapel Allerton for a change of scenery. The sun was trying to break through the clouds and make an appearance, but even without it, today was a good day. We saw some brilliantly painted boxes (see above and below).

We bumped into a few friends up there and had a socially distanced drink with them. As it’s due to rain the next few days I am very pleased we made the decision to spend the afternoon, and early evening, outside rather than hidden away. I’m hoping the rain won’t stay too long.

This evening, we’re planning movies and popcorn whilst in our pyjamas. Because relaxing is important! (Not that we’ve done much else in lockdown).

Have a gif of a happy Jonah Hill, because today was a good day, and we should celebrate good days!

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