UK Lockdown: Day 77

Eleven weeks completed! Smashing it. Reshaping ourselves. Appreciating each other. Supporting people. Being awesome… well, most of are anyway.

I didn’t sleep very well last night for some reason so I slept in until fairly late. However, I still prepped some dinner and did some more research on the Black Lives Matter movement.

This afternoon we did a spot of shopping both online, and in some local shops. I also had an Avon catalogue delivered and will be treating myself to some makeup etc.

Tiktok has also almost taken over my life now so expect loads of cat videos and memes to come your way if you follow me.

Later on we took a walk in the cloudy but warm weather and saw Luke’s Mum. It’s so good to be able to socialise again and almost normally. We even treated ourselves to a KFC tea. Because. Fried. Chicken. Is. Good*.

This evening we’ve been relaxing, watching American Pie; Naked Mile and eating Cherry Pie/Crumble. Here’s to our eleventh week!

*unless you’re veggie/vegan…

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